Dash n Dawdle – Calgary Dog Walking Services

Pack Walk

Dogs are picked up and transported to one of Calgary’s amazing off leash areas where your dog will run, frolic and play. After their walk they will be given fresh water and taken back home where they will relax until the family arrives home after a busy day.

Private Walk

Your Dog will be picked up and taken out and around your neighborhood for a half hour on leash walk. These walks are good to start with if you’re not sure how your dog will act in a pack walk. Private walks also benefit dogs that are aggressive, don’t come when called, and have behavioural problems such as jumping and chasing.

Puppy & Senior Visits

Great Option for the senior dog or puppy that may need a potty break. Your Puppy or senior dog will be able to romp around in the comforts of your backyard and have a midday break from holding it. Don’t feel guilty anymore if you can’t make it home in time to let your new or old friend out. I’ll take care of it and leave fresh water for them to have for the rest of the day.

Potty Breaks

Enjoy your weekend getaway or family vacation knowing your dog is not being kennelled. Instead your pooch will enjoy a home environment with daily walks and lots of interactions with other dogs and humans. Book ahead of time due to limited space.

Our 8 yr old Boxer Cross

We rescued Maddox when him and his litter were abandoned, fortunately someone found them and brought them to the SPCA. We fell in love when we saw him and he came home with us that day.

Our 7 yr old Great Dane Mastiff

Marshall’s littler was rejected by his mother and the owner was desperate to find new homes for them. We brought him home at 4 weeks weighing in at 10lbs, he’s now our gentle giant at 230 lbs. So yes, I can handle big dogs.

Our little 4 yr old Chihuahua

Before being fostered by a vet technician Maven was bouncing around from home to home. Then we came across her and she found her forever home, the rest is history.

Meet Andrea

With her love for animals starting at young age Andrea grew up caring for cats, dogs, horses, birds, reptiles and hamsters. She soon started volunteering at pet stores to learn more about the animals and get a chance to play with them. Her fondness grew as she spent a summer working at her uncle’s veterinary clinic taking care of operations, walking dogs and going along on large animal calls.

Now Andrea’s a busy stay at home mom. Over the years her husband and her have adopted 3 dogs and a cat. Every year she raises money and runs for the Calgary SPCA. With her two little girls starting off at school Andrea’s ready to pursue her goals and start her own dog walking business.

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